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About Absaroka Western Designs & Tannery,


I began my career with a B.S. degree in Natural Resources from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. GO HUSKERS! My love for the outdoors involved a great deal of time hunting, fishing and trapping and I loved scouting,  obtaining the Eagle Scout Rank in 1978. Working with wildlife was going to be my future and I began by moving to Wyoming to work with the Game and Fish during my second year in college. I finally convinced the University Nebraska-Lincoln to pass me on enough classes to graduate. I continued working for the Game and Fish until 1988 when I began to operate a small hair on tannery on the banks of the Wind River in Dubois, Wyoming.

The business grew as I attended Mountain Man rendezvous and sportmen’s shows.  I began giving historical lectures and creating costumes and props for western films, television and commercials. In 1995, we constructed a new showroom and large tannery facility in Dubois and we became busier than ever creating western decor for home owners in the Dubois and Jackson Hole area and producing more and more tanned skins. We now are producing hides and making them into useable rawhide.

I love it here, my two sons love it here and it will always be home to us.  Visit my Facebook page: facebook logo


Today, we operate the tannery and we specialized in tanning buffalo skins, many of which come from the wild herds of western Wyoming. We create unique items for the showroom, including our rawhide lamp shades and rawhide baskets. I am still the scoutmaster and we have produced more Eagle Scouts per community size than anywhere in Wyoming, and I am very proud of that!


Dubois remains a small western community with incredible panoramic vistas, excellent hunting and fishing and about the friendliest folks you will ever meet. I want to encourage you to visit us anytime. We have cool summers and mild winters and spectacular fall weather; this is as good as it gets in the West. Dubois was chosen as one of the top ten western towns by True West Magazine.  Check out Dubois by going to:  http://www.duboiswyoming.org for more information.

I believe we have something special to offer you both in my showroom and community.
by Joe Brandl


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