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Absaroka Western Designs and Tannery is known throughout the Western United States as a reliable and well-known source of superb tanned hides and artistic rawhide artifacts. Rawhide is a cured skin that is processed so that the hair is removed and treated with organic materials which makes the skin safe to use for so many projects. It is safe for pet consumption also. We have been endorsed by Veterinarians for pet rawhide chews unlike the commercial store bought ones. Having worked with rawhide in creating hundreds of items, Absaroka Rawhide welcome your ideas and will work with you in providing the ideal rawhide for your project.


Absaroka Western Designs has been tanning hides, designing Western artifacts and helping customers for many years.   Absaroka Rawhide offers for purchase full size rawhide or small pieces.  If you want to create items from rawhide, we can help you.  There are so many uses in art, craft projects, braiding, rattles, drums, baskets, saddle trees, and we are the one source for your needs.  We are specialists in working with many kinds of wild game rawhide. All our leather is made with Organic Materials to insure a healthy environment. No harmful chemicals like sulfides are used in our process.


Rawhide Pieces

Rawhide skins

Rawhide Lace

Rawhide lace

We sell rawhide in sheets, pieces or lace : shop here


Rawhide Baskets


Rawhide Lampshade


We sell many beautiful products made like these:  here


We can process your animal skin: here

We can teach you how to prepare rawhide: here

Drum from Rawhide

Preparing a Drum

Dog Chews

Dog Chews

We teach you how to make things from this: here

We also sell, process and teach about tanned leather; here

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