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Preparing Buffalo Hides for Tanning

Buffalo have a short time frame to produce a perfect hide. In most areas of the U.S., December 15 to January 15 is the best time to have a buffalo hide tanned hair on. There are exceptions of course! When considering on having your hide tanned, remember the cost of tanning an excellent winter robe is the same as tanning a poorly haired robe from an animal killed in April. Continue reading Preparing Buffalo Hides for Tanning

Working with Rawhide

Working with rawhide

Here at Absaroka Tannery, we  produce rawhide which is created using organic materials. Elk, deer, antelope, moose and beef hides are hand scraped to remove the hair, we then neutralize in food grade white vinegar so there are no harmful chemicals to deal with. Continue reading Working with Rawhide

Preparing hides for tanning


The purpose of curing a raw skin is to take away the environment for bacteria and provide a means of storage prior to tanning. Many hides are ruined from poor handling before tanning could ever take place. The moment the animal quits breathing, oxygen is no longer being carried to the cells of the body. Decomposition begins immediately. You have to slow this natural process. Continue reading Preparing hides for tanning